How to Create A Blog for Free

There are various ways to create a blog, but first we’ll look at how to create a Blog for Free .

There are free options like wordpress from, Blogger Blog from (owned by Google).

Other free options but these are the solutions I have used and have some experience of in fact you can see some examples of my blogs from the links below – note, the content isn’t up to date as they are only being used as examples.


Notice how all the above blogs have been customised using themes that are available from within your account. Both Blogger is really easy to use and most importantly add content. You can add content to Blogger via email, which could be from your laptop or smart phone. Of course you can also add text, images and video via the web.

I don’t use the free WordPress option from, but I do use the WordPress ‘structure’ and content management system (CMS) for this site ( downloadable from, but more on that in another article.

There are advantages and disadvantages with free options. The main advantages of course is that it’s free, easy to set up and administer and add content.

There’s no need to register a domain name as you just choose a name when registering, and providing it’s not already taken that’s the name you use.


There is an option to use your own domain name if you have one with Blogger. This can be set up from within your account. I used this feature on my Blogger account. I own the domain name so that’s the name I configured for my Blogger blog.

There are downsides with the free options of course and listed in no particular order here are some I have come up with:

Although you are able to customise how your blog looks using the themes available, (which aren’t bad) you are limited by what’s on offer and may well want your blog to look different.

Your blog is hosted on whichever blogging platform you choose ie Blogger, WordPress etc. and although there is no cost involved which is good, it would be very difficult or impossible to add a new features like bespoke forms, or slide shows, choose how your pictures and video display, or add addition web space for example.

Once your blog is up and running and you have stacks of content – it’s not easy to transfer content to a paid hosting account should you get to that stage, and believe me that time can come around quite quickly if you’re serious about blogging and websites.

Backing up your blog is far more difficult.

Your domain name you choose if it’s a ‘sub domain’ like my account would not be transferable to a paid account which means that you would have to start all over again making your blog visible in the search engines, everyone would (somehow) have to be told of the change of web address and anything which included your old domain name would also have to be changed.

There does seem to a long list of ‘downsides’ but that’s the trade off for going down the ‘free’ route. Having said that, if you just want a blog – maybe to share photos and information with family and friends the free options aren’t bad, although there’s always Facebook for that – but that’s another story!

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