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It’s now easier than ever to design your own website or create a blog. If you’re new to website creation then it can be very confusing which design software to use or even the difference between a blog and a website – which is best?

Well lets start with the difference between websites and blogs – what are blogs used for?

‘Blog’ is short for ‘Web Log’ and this gives us clue as to the difference. A blog is a log of events or information on a subject or subjects and can include text images, audio and video. It’s normally updated much more often than a website and is also interactive! You’ll notice on blogs there is a chance to comment on content which encourages viewers to exchange ideas and opinions, giving the author of the blog valuable feedback on what the readers think and want.

The navigation system to surf around the site is different to a website as well. There are posts as well as pages. ‘Posts’ are usually displayed in date order with several ‘posts’ or a small teaser from each posts displayed on one page. Posts can be ‘tagged’ as being part of a particular subject/subjects, category or date, making them easier to be found by someone searching your blog.

Pages are much more static by comparison. Pages often include all the multi media ie; audio, video and images – the same as a post, but rarely include space for comments and are updated less often. An example of a page might be a sales page, or the home page of a company website containing useful but information that doesn’t change much over time.

There is however quite an overlap between blogs and websites now though. Blogs very often contain a mixture of static pages and posts, and as blog creation software becomes more sophisticated people are using the likes of WordPress to design and build their own websites.

Below are some links to information on creating blogs and websites.

How to Create a Blog

Using WordPress, Blogger or Wix, you can build and create a blog

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