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Phono Pre-amps – Some Low Cost – Recommendations

Here are some low cost phono preamps which are suitable for using with your turntable.

If you are not familiar with the function of a preamp and especially a phono preamp then a simple explanation of they do, and why you need one can be found on the ‘what is a preamp‘ page.

Pyle preamp with psu

Pyle PP999 Phono Turntable Pre-Amp

This is the Pyle Pro phono preamp. It’s pretty basic. It comes with a power supply, but there is no ‘power on’ light. It’s worth noting that there is no ‘ground’ connection so if your phono turnatable has a ‘ground’ lead (not all have) you may have to connect it directly to the outer of the phono (RCA) plug or the PC chassis if you get a problem with a background hum or buzz.

Technical Details

Connects to turntable
Input Sensitivity: 3mV at 50K Ohms (phono)
Output: 2V max (P-P) at 10K Ohms
Includes power adapter 12V DC
THD: 0.08% @ 1KHz and 3mV Input
S/N Ratio: 70dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20KHz @ 2dBAverage Customer Review: 54 Reviews 5 stars


Behringer PP400 Preamp

Behringer PP400 Ultra-Compact Phono Preamp

Here is an offering from Behringer. The PP400 appears to be slightly more sophisticated than the Pyle. It’s powered by an external power supply (supplied), but has a ‘power on’ indicator light which is welcome. Connections are the standard RCA and 1/4″ jacks.

According to Behringer it has Ultra Low-Noise amps – as in it’s professional products which I can vouch for as I have a small Behringer mixer which is very low noise.
It’s very competively priced – in fact very good valueAverage Customer Review: 8 Reviews 4 starsState-of-the-art phono preamp to accommodate magnetic pickups
Ultra low-noise audio operational amplifiers offer outstanding sound performance
Dedicated RCA and 1/4′ output connectors
DC 12-Volt adapter included
High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life.

TCC TC-750 BLACK Audiophile Phono Preamp, Pre-amp (Preamplifier)

This will cost you more money but is still not expensive for the spec. It has gold plated jacks and a black anodized metal casing. Once again powered by an external supply (supplied) 12 volt DC which will operate anywhere in the world. It also includes an RCA cable and miniplug adaptor.

There is a ground wire terminal and power indicator which is good – the ground wire being something lacking in the previous two products.

TC750 Preamp

TC750 Preamp

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