Vintage Electronics

Reel To Reel Tape Running Times

reel to reel tape recorder spool

Reel to Reel Tape Running Times If you have own old reel to reel tapes, then it’s useful to know how long they’re going to run for. Unfortunately it’s not that straight forward to find out. There are several different speeds that tapes might have been recorded at, and even […]

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Convert LP to CD

record turntable

Convert LP to CD How to convert 45 rpm, 78 rpm records and LP records to CD including recommended Recording Software. If you haven’t seen the Transfer Tape to CD page then please take a look after you have seen the information here as this will explain the cables, connections […]

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Buying a Cassette Deck

pioneer cassette deck

Buying a Cassette Deck How to make sure you buy a great Cassette Deck If you are thinking of buying a Cassette Deck or Cassette Player to transfer and convert your Cassette tapes to CD, then this article will give you some useful information and hopefully stop you buying a […]

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