Hello and thanks for dropping by this website. My name is David Grant and I’m based in York in the UK. That’s me in the picture. The photo was included, as although the internet is a wonderful tool, it can be a little impersonal. The whole ethos of is to make technology accessible to all, and to give instruction and information in such a way as it’s easily understood and enjoyable for all.

Here’s a bit about me….

I’ve spent most of my working life as a self employed engineer. In fact the business started in 1977 servicing audio, HiFi, PA, Mixing Desks and most music related electronics for the general public, dealers and major manufacturers.

It’s been a great combination as it’s allowed me to combine my career in electronics with my passion for music, which for me started very young.

I grew up with music on vinyl and 78’s and as a youngster used to record them onto open reel tape on my Dad’s old Ferrograph Series 5 tape recorder. Then came the compact cassette – what awful quality that was until technology gave it a helping hand and it became an acceptable listening experience. Next was the compact disc – a completely new technology which was the beginning of the digital revolution for most of us.

Digital technology has enabled us to listen, record, edit, enhance, manipulate and store our audio, music, images and video in ways never thought possible just a few years ago and it’s all within the average persons reach making it a very exciting for all of us.


David Grant

Ferrograph Series 5.

image courtesy of
Snellings museum